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ATS intruder panels by CARRIER
ATS intruder panels by CARRIER

ATS intruder panels by CARRIER

The Advisor Advanced family has been expanded include the EN50131 Grade 3 ATS1500A, ATS3500A and ATS4500A panels.
These support up to 512 wired / wireless zones and up to 1000 users as well as EN grade 3 motion detectors, such as the DD1000 series with antimasking
Using existing ATS components (keypads, readers, expansions), Advisor Advanced has versatile and reliable options for extending functionality.

UltraSync provides a secure encrypted and protected network connection.

ATS8500 Advanced ATS Management software

Intruder alarm systems are designed to protect the physical assets within unoccupied premises and to provide a safer environment for occupants.
Intruder alarms are a proven deterrent to crime and vandalism and enable an appropriate response to be

From ATS Master to Advisor Advanced (INTRUDER PANELS from ARITECH by CARRIER)

With ongoing research and development, Advisor Advanced has become a key element of flexible, scalable, and reliable security installations,  surpassing ATS Master in many areas. Especially in communication, the technology is developing at breakneck speed. After switching from  traditional analog to IP-based communications, we’ve already taken another step toward cyber security with UltraSync. This guarantees the reliability  of the alarm transmission while providing increased convenience for the end user. A discipline that masters the Advisor Advanced excellently.

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