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Gallagher security division leverages the group’s cutting-edge research, development and manufacturing capabilities to bring award-winning access control,  intruder alarm and electric non-lethal perimeter security systems to our customers.

A strong commitment to innovation is driven by Gallagher customers and their changing needs and is delivered around the world to a range of vertical markets including education, correctional facilities, critical infrastructure, mining sites and transport and logistics

The Controller 6000 uses straight forward system architecture to provide powerful and flexible configuration. It has the ability to enforce business rules,monitor its environment, communicate with other integrated systems and make offline access decisions.

Gallagher’s T-Series Reader range provides contactless proximity card readers for access control management.

Command Centre is the powerful software at the heart of Gallagher’s integrated security solutions, a centralized platform that gives you unparalleled control of every aspect of your site.

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